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The most popular form of massage, this treatment stimulates circulation, releases muscular tension and calms the mind to leave you either relaxed or invigorated, the choice is yours. 


Enjoy the powerful benefits of aromatherapy and add a personal blend of essential oils to your treatment. Essential oils are carefully chosen according to their therapeutic properties to meet your specific needs and to help achieve psychological and physical wellbeing. I will blend your oils immediately prior to the treatment so you can be assured that your blend is fresh and perfectly tailored to you. (aromatherapy is suitable only for clients not on prescribed medications - please see the important information below)

Back, Neck & Shoulders

A perfect pick me up.

30 mins £34 (with essential oils £36)

Legs & Feet

Perfect after a day on your feet, this treatment soothes tired and aching legs and feet.

30 mins £34 (with essential oils £36)

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Face & Scalp

Covering all the tension hotspots, this treatment includes a rejuvenating pressure point massage of the face.

45 mins £40 (with essential oils £44)

Full Body

A blissful hour treating the chest, arms, back, neck, shoulders and legs.

60 mins £48 (with essential oils £54)

Full Body inc. Face & Scalp

The works! A real treat.

75 mins £55 (with essential oils £61)

90 mins £62 (with essential oils £68)